Work quiz


Work quiz

Which is what becomes a creative expression of a question 1. work?

The picture and the novel were written.
An announcement was not made although the original idea was considered.
A common expression announced the idea.

Which is what goes into the range of art among the works of question 2. literature, art, fine arts, and music?

Bass drum

Does the work of question 3. language turn into a work, even if the character is recorded on neither paper nor a personal computer?

It is not necessary to record.
You have to record.
Whichever may be sufficient.

Which is the work [ Lord / question 4. ] aiming at protection of game software in next?

The work of a movie
The work of fine arts
The work of a program

question 5.which is what does not serve as a work in next?

A novel and a paper
Scribble written by the child
Identification photograph

question 6. -- which is what is not applied to the work of a movie in next?

The image portion of a game
The program of a game

question 7.which is what is not applied to a musical work in next?B

The melody floating in the head
The song sung improvisatorially
The song made in order to enjoy itself by itself

question 8.which is what is not applied to the work of fine arts in next?

Pictures for admiration
Manufactured goods which have not offered aesthetic appreciation nature
Manufactured goods equipped with aesthetic appreciation nature

What year is the protected period of the work of a question 9. movie?

50 years
70 years
90 years

From when is the calculation method of a protected period after a question 10. author's death?

From [ when it dies ]
From the next year which died
From half a year [ which died ] after

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