Copyright quiz


Copyright quiz

Question 1@What country took the lead and was the Universal Copyright Convention contracted?

United States

Question 2 Which is the meaning of an immethodical principle in next?

It is not necessary to register a work formally.
A work must be registered formally.
It is not necessary to get permission from an author.

Question 3Which is what is not contained in moral rights of authors in next?

The right of a name display
Rights of public transmission
The right of identity preservation

Question 4 Which is what is not a performer in next?


Question 5 Which is the right applied only to the work of a movie in next?

The right of oral statement
Reproduction right
The right of distribution

Question 6 When works, such as a movie and music, are uploaded to an animation site, is it contrary to which right of the next inside?
The right of exhibition
Rights of public transmission
Performing rights

Question 7 .In which of the following is copyright contained?

Patent right
Intellectual property rights
Industrial property rights

Question 8 Which is what cannot be conveyed to other persons in next?

The right about a secondary work
The right of an adaptation
Moral rights of authors

Question 9 Who is the person applicable to an author in next?

The person who completed the work
The person who was able to grant copyright
The person who looked at the work, heard it, or used

Queston 10 When does copyright occur?

When a work is announced
When the idea of a work is invented in the head
When a work is expressed in a certain form

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