The conditions which become a work


The conditions which become a work

[T] Creative expression
"it is creative" -- one's - I hear that it was common It is expression that it must be "creative" that it is careful here, and it is not being an idea.
For example
- Even if it considers an original idea, it does not become a work if it is a common expression (composition etc.).

- Even if art is low, it becomes a work if it is its expression.

- Only by it, since no ideas, thought, etc. in the state where it has not announced are expressed, they cannot say it as a work.。

- Since the drawn picture and the novel are also expressed only in order to enjoy themselves by themselves, it becomes a work.
[U] Expression of "what was expressed "thought and feeling""
First, "thought and feeling" are what was expressed as having considered thought by oneself and feeling having considered by itself, and also are conveying one's feeling for it by expression, a language, a modeling thing, etc.
For example
- There was a battle of Okehazama in area OO? and 1560 of a school. This is a fact in mere data and history. Such a thing cannot say it as a "work." It is because there is no expression of thought or feeling.

- The novel was written in order to express it. [ who makes the plan for delighting people ] [ - ] Since these things are carrying out expression of thought or feeling, they can be called "work."
- Since no ideas and ideas which have not been announced are expressed only by it, they cannot be called work.

[V] Thing included in the range of literature, art, fine arts, and music
   - At literature, they are Poetry and a song , a novel, etc.,
   - By art, they are theater, opera, etc.,
   - At fine arts, they are pictures, sculpture, etc.,
   - By music, it is performing with a whistle bass drum bell etc.

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