The kind of work


The kind of work

Although there are various kinds, by the Copyright Act, the following seven etc. are shown in the work as an example. However, there are some which are applicable besides these seven.

The work of language
It is supposed at the work of language that a novel, a paper, a scenario, and the work of other language are works. It is easy, and if it says, let a novel, a scenario, etc. be the works of language. Even if the work of language is recorded on neither paper nor a personal computer, it turns into a work. However, even if who sees, a clearly short phrase does not become a work. Somewhat long things, such as a Japanese poem of 31 syllables and a haiku poem, are contained.

A musical work

As for a musical work, a musical piece, the words, a melody, etc. say the thing of what was expressed combining them. Since it is not expressed with the head only by floating a melody, it cannot be said to be a work. However, since it is expressed when the melody which came into its mind is sung immediately, it can be said to be a work. Incidentally, since a singer is a performer, he is taken care of by law by right called neighboring right. Moreover, the words of a musical piece are applied also to the work of language.

The work of fine arts

Pictures, sculpture, a print, comics, a stage setting, etc. become [ Was it called artistic handicraft articles, such as a teacup a jar, and a sword? ] a work of fine arts, and many things are applied to it. It is supposed that it is not applied to a work of the manufactured goods used by work etc. However, if it sees as a fine-arts work also with manufactured goods, it may become "a work of fine arts." Manufactured goods become important [ studying aesthetic essence ] for becoming a work.

The work of a map

Mere "data" cannot say it as a work. Since the place where ways and buildings, such as a map, have clarified is only expressed as data if it becomes so, it cannot be said as a work. The map currently sold at the present bookstore etc. is intelligibly denoted by technology of the person original, such as devising legible or displaying a its present location point. Since people's made individuality appears, these maps can say also with a map that it is a "work."

The work of a movie

Although the work of a movie is heard and I think that only a movie is visualized, the image which is recorded and which moves is a work in fact. As the example, the image portions of a telefilm, video software, and game software are also taken to a work, and are treated.

The work of a photograph

The work of a photograph points out the photograph mainly taken with the camera. I think that making a new thing can understand easily since an angle (angle), a photo opportunity, etc. are devised when people who take with a pro's cameraman and hobby take. Since the machine has taken the identification photograph machine, the Print Club, etc., they cannot be said to be a "work."

The work of a program

A program, game software, etc. are mainly raised as an example, and protecting game software especially is making it the work of the program with the main purposes. However, game software is Protected by the Copyright Act and many things become a work of a movie.

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